Arlon is located in the south of Belgium. The city enjoys a strategic position in the heart of the Greater Region, next to Luxembourg (28 km from Luxembourg City), France (90 km from Metz) and Germany (80 km from Trier). Therefore, the Arlon Campus plays an important part in the University of Liège involvment in the Greater Region University confederation (UniGR).

Arlon - UniGR

Network of students and researchers

The Greater Region University is a cross-border network which brings together 6 universities in Belgium (University of Liège), France (University of Lorraine), Luxembourg (University of Luxembourg) and Germany (Kaiserslautern University, Saarland University and Trier University).

Greater Region University


european universities together

  • 4 countries (Germany, Belgium, France, Luxembourg)
  • 3 languages of education (German, English, French)
  • 135 000 students
  • 7000 PhD students
  • 10 000 researchers
  • 19 cross-border education programmes
  • 3 key areas (biomedecine, border studies, material science and rational use of resources)

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