The EnergySud team focuses its research on the energy and environmental performance of existing buildings or future buildings.


2 research areas

Development of tools for construction professionals

The team creates and develops tools (pre-dimensioning tables and graphs, technical brochures, books, Excel sheets, software) enabling the design team (architect, design office engineer, EPB managers, etc.) to evaluate and manage the energy and environmental performance of an existing building or a building to be built throughout its life cycle, i. e. from the preliminary design stage to the constructed (or renovated) building and then its evolution until its final demolition.

Monitoring and support of the EPB regulations, EPB certification and the energy and environmental labelling of buildings

  • Mission of EPB Facilitator and EPB Facilitator-Certification (guidance applied to concrete cases encountered by construction professionals)
  • Training for designers and companies
  • Scientific support for innovative processes, techniques and products not taken yet into account in the criteria and calculation methods

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