The SAM team is specialised in environmental measurement of polluted atmospheres, in particular gaseous compounds, at a local scale.

Arlon equipe SAM

4 research areas

Environmental odors management

  • Odour monitoring of several sites
  • Development of electronic noses and decision support indicators for operators and decision-makers
  • Integration of the local resident in a participatory management approach
  • Atmospheric dispersion modelling
  • Odour intensity measurement (compared to a reference scale)
  • Dynamic olfactometry for measuring odour concentration

Characterisation of indoor air quality and material emissions

  • Physico-chemical characterisation of emissions after sampling
  • Measurement of olfactory perception and odours of materials
  • Monitoring by low cost sensors
  • Development of simple and quick tools for material classification
  • Diagnosis and continuous monitoring of indoor air quality
  • Participation as an expert in standardisation and related regulations

Monitoring of gaseous emissions from waste recovery processes

  • Development of simple tools for the continuous monitoring of processes such as biomethanisation and composting
  • Physico-chemical characterisation of the parameters related to the gaseous emissions of these processes
  • Assessment of the environmental impact of these processes, for example odour nuisances

Metrology of air quality in urban areas and smart cities

  • Tests of low cost sensors for the realisation of air quality cadastres at the neighbourhood level
  • Study of the olfactory impact
  • Development of tools and methods for evaluating olfactory discomfort and air quality
  • Development of data cross-referencing tools for decision support

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