Several key persons help students with the administrative follow-up and pedagogical support.

Administrative follow-up

The authority for administrative matters is the Faculty of Sciences Bureau, under the authority of an elected Dean. Within the Faculty of Sciences Bureau, the Student Administrator is in charge of the administrative management of students : student databases, preparation of reports and diplomas, deliberations, registration for examinations, issuing certificates of achievement, management of personal annual programmes, etc.

For a face-to-face communication in Arlon, students from the Department of Environmental Sciences and Management can contact the secretary of the Academic service, who will forward the request to the Student Administrator at Liège if necessary.


Pedagogical support

Key persons

In addition to the Academic service and teachers, the assistants can inform students and help them to solve the problems they may face.

Masters in Environmental sciences and management

Supervising staff of the bloc 1 (1st year) of the Master in 120 credits and of the chosen courses of the Master in 60 credits :

Assistants of the bloc 2 (2nd year) of the Master in 120 credits and of the options of the Master in 60 credits :

Master's degree in environmental science and management (Renewable energies and sustainable buildings - University of Luxembourg)

Master in Agroecology

Specialised masters

Assistants of the specialised masters

President and Secretary of the examination jury

The evaluation of learning activities is the responsibility of an examination jury for each study programme. The jury ensures that the examinations are conducted properly and that the rules are followed in the best interest of all. The rules can be consulted in the general study and exam regulations. The presidents and secretaries are appointed by the Faculty of Sciences at the beginning of each academic year. The composition of the examination jurys is published on the Faculty of Sciences website.

Board of Studies

The Board of Studies is a body for dialogue between teachers and students established by the Faculty of Sciences for each study programme. The Board of Studies gives an opinion about programmes and evaluation. In particular, it approves personal annual programmes of students and thesis juries, the content and organisation of programmes, and solves the various problems that students may face.

Student participation is ensured through class representatives who are elected at the beginning of the year for each study programme. The class representatives are also the student representatives on the Board of Studies.

Board of Studies of the master in Environmental sciences and management

Contacts : Dorothée DENAYER (President) and Joost WELLENS (Secretary)

Online resources

The ULiège Study Guidance Service is located at Liège but it can offer an educational support to students from the Arlon campus thanks to numerous online resources. These resources are especially intended for students in their first year of bachelor's degree but can also be useful for master's degree students.

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