Four spin-offs have been created from the results of the research carried out by the Arlon Campus Environnement teams.

AgrOptimize (2016)

Born from research in precision agriculture, AgrOptimize develops and markets innovative Decision Support Tools (DST) for the entire agro-industrial sector. Different services are offered: production of soil maps, automatic modulation for fertilization, online monitoring of phytosanitary risk, detection of the impact of damage on crops.

The spin-off is the result of a joint research program with the ULiège (team Water-Environment-Development) and the LIST (Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology).

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Astrea Technology (2011)

Astrea Technology is active in the remediation of landfill water, called leachate, and industrial effluents via biological and physico-chemical processes. It offers economical, environmental and local solutions.

The spin-off is the result of the research activities of the Water-Environment-Development team (Sanitation axis).

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Opal Systems (2009)

Opal Systems has developed a dynamic floor heating system. This innovative system, with its low inertia, is quick and easy to install. Reactive, it allows an optimal regulation of the temperature and thus combines thermal comfort and energy savings.

The spin-off is the result of the research activities of the Building Energy Monitoring and Simulation team.

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Odometric (2008)

Odometric is an engineering office and laboratory active in the field of air quality. It offers a complete range of services for a better management of odors and polluted atmospheres: identification and measurement of emissions, evaluation of the impact of odor sources, research of solutions and long-term monitoring.

The spin-off is a result of the research activities of the team Sensing of Atmospheres and Monitoring.

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The ULiège spin-offs

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