The RISE department (Research, Innovation, Support and Enterprise) is responsible for managing university research and the transfer of knowledge from research units, in particular by setting up and implementing administrative projects, identifying and protecting valuable research results, and supporting their maturation and commercialization.

RISE contributes to the development of research by assisting the authorities in the definition, implementation and evaluation of strategic research and innovation policy, and by supporting researchers in their research mission, particularly in terms of funding, training and mobility. To encourage collaboration between business and research, RISE also strives to create a genuine dynamic for exchanges between researchers and socio-economic players, enabling them to make contact with potential partners, promote their skills and facilities, and generate ideas for research projects.


With RISE, the University of Liège aims to :

  • Support university research, in every field, and encourage its development potential to advance knowledge
  • Maximize the impact of this knowledge by transmitting it, stimulating exchanges and creating value for the University, society, the environment, and the socio-economic, associative and cultural worlds
  • Supporting researchers
    • in their university, fundamental and applied research activities
    • in their careers, in terms of funding, training and mobility
    • in the process of valorizing and transferring knowledge, to help bring innovation projects to fruition
  • Consolidate the institution's strategic positioning and active participation in the research and innovation ecosystem
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updated on 2/19/24

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