Luxembourg Creative is a forum of meetings and conferences that brings together actors from business, research and culture around 3 key words: creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship.

Arlon Luxembourg Creative
Inspired by the dynamic Liège Creative initiated in Liège in 2011, Luxembourg Creative was launched in the Province of Luxembourg at the initiative of the University of Liège, the IDELUX-AIVE Group and the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Belgian Luxembourg.

Stimulating innovation

Through the diversity of its target audiences and the transdisciplinary approach it favors, the Forum relies on the meeting of actors from different backgrounds in order to create a creative climate conducive to the development of innovative ideas. Openness is a fundamental principle of the forum, which is designed to be accessible to all and to bring together local players.

Two meetings per month

Two meetings per month are scheduled in 3 cities of the province of Luxembourg: Arlon, Libramont and Marche. The preferred formula is the lunch-conference, from 12:00 to 14:00, which is easily integrated into a working day. Some meetings are held in the more appropriate form of a breakfast or a cocktail party.

Meeting schedule

Corporate Interface

Arlon Campus Environment

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Luxembourg Creative

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