The dissemination of science and technology is a priority for the University of Liège. Since 2001, the Réjouisciences team has been coordinating science outreach activities in Liège and Arlon.


he University of Liège and Réjouisciences are committed to raising awareness among young people and the general public of the importance of science and technology in our society, promoting access to scientific knowledge and encouraging vocations and careers in research.

In practical terms, the Réjouisciences team supports ULiège teachers and researchers in their work with the general public and schools. The University of Liège thus offers a varied range of scientific and technical culture activities for all publics.

In Arlon

Activities are organized in Arlon for pupils in 5th and 6th secondary schools in the province of Luxembourg:

- workshops at Printemps des Sciences in March

- mathematics mornings offered by the ULiège Mathematics Department

- ULiège comes to you where a ULiège teacher visits your classroom.

In Liege

Schools in the province of Luxembourg can also meet researchers from Arlon Campus Environnement in Liège, for example at the Nuit des Chercheurs, or take part in science competitions such as the concours Corsica.


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