The Springtime of Sciences is the biggest event of scientific culture in the Walloon-Brussels Federation. Every year, the researchers of Arlon Campus Environnement welcome secondary school classes in this framework.

ARLON printemps des sciences

Every year in March, workshops and laboratory visits are organized for students in 4th, 5th and 6th grade. Researchers address current issues related to the fields of study and research of the University of Liège campus. Here are some of the workshops organized during the previous editions.


Understanding environmental migration

What impacts of global warming on the water cycle?


Where does the energy we use every day come from?

How does energy play a role in our daily lives?

How can I produce energy with my waste?


The water resources laboratory (laboratory visit)

The water treatment plant, guaranteeing a quality connection to the water

Water quality and optimal water management

Light in the service of wastewater treatment

The water cycle: a peaceful and perpetual journey

Man and biodiversity

What is fair milk?

What is natural? Back to the origins of our ordinary and extraordinary fauna




The complete list of workshops organized by ULiège during the previous editions is available on the website of Réjouisciences.


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