With almost 50 years' experience in environmental management in developing countries, the Environmental Sciences and Management Department coordinates a number of training courses in this field.

Masters (120 credits)

Specialized Environmental Sciences and Management: Integrated Water Resources Management Module

This module is designed for students wishing to develop their skills in a holistic approach to water management. Groundwater and surface water management methods are covered both quantitatively and qualitatively. These include water quality monitoring, water treatment for human use (purification, potabilization), the watershed approach and the participatory dimension.


Specialized Environmental Science and Management: Developing Countries Module

This course provides an understanding of the dynamics of natural systems and the interactions between man and his environment through resource management in a context of sustainable development. It addresses issues specific to environmental management in developing countries: geopolitics and development, biodiversity, global warming, soil conservation, management of urbanized environments, food security, integrated and participatory management of water resources.

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Specialized Masters

The Environmental Science and Management Department is heavily involved in the organization of international courses supported by ARES. These specialization master's courses focus on development issues in developing countries.

Risk and disaster management

The aim of this course is to develop a global and systemic approach to risk management issues. It teaches how to identify and study the natural processes that generate risks, their impacts and the associated risks, and provides training in risk analysis and management methods.

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Environmental science and management in developing countries

This specialized Master's degree trains students to diagnose the state of the environment and implement technical and management tools to contribute to sustainable development in developing countries.

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Continuing education

Sciences and Environment Management

Offered since 2012 in Vietnam, this course aims to train professionals specializing in environmental management. The program addresses issues specific to the Vietnamese environment. It is organized by the Industrial University of Ho Chi Minh City and 2 departments of the Faculty of Sciences of the University of Liège: the Department of Biology, Ecology and Evolution (Liège campus) and the Department of Environmental Sciences and Management (Arlon campus).

Contact in Liège:Célia Joaquim-Justo

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