The research team studies the complex link between water and environment, in particular the impact on humans and their development. It carries out numerous studies on developing countries and uses remote sensing.

Arlon Irrigation

5 research areas


The team studies, in different contexts, the relationship between atmospheric conditions and crop development : water balance management at the scale of agricultural plots, watersheds or countries, monitoring and forecasting agricultural production and cereal diseases, monitoring agricultural non-point source pollution and soil organic carbon, monitoring and control of agri-environmental measures, monitoring environmental degradation and particularly the desertification process.

Water sanitation

The water sanitation research group focuses its activities on the treatment of urban or industrial wastewater using aerobic systems, intensive or extensive processes (lagooning) as well as on the treatment of landfill leachate.

Integrated Water Resources Management

The team analyses and develops models for a participatory approach of integrated water resources management : study of river contracts implementation in the Walloon Region and in France, development of an integrated and participatory water management method at the local level, contextual analysis of IWRM in the developing countries of the South, development of a system for analysing and diagnosing the quality of water resources in the South, study of the bacteriological quality of surface waters in the Walloon Region, etc.

Risk and catastrophe management

The team studies natural risks and climatic risks and the amplification effects that human activities can have on these risks as well as risk management methods.

Crop protection and integrated pest management

Researchers promote integrated crop management techniques to fight fungal diseases through the modelling of field crop fungal diseases, the identification of relevant treatment time and a warning system.



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