Completing a thesis is a scientific and professional adventure. Various resources are available to help doctoral students before and during their thesis.


The University of Liège offers a preparation training for the doctoral project. In 3 months, you acquire the necessary tools to start a PhD and build your project.

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As far as possible, the university covers the research costs of PhD students. PhD students can also apply for financing opportunities which exist outside the university.

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Resources and support

PhD students can rely on different people and bodies to supervise and guide them throughout their doctorate completion.

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PhD students network

Completing a doctorate is a great experience to share. The network of doctoral students at the University of Liège allows you to exchange with people who lived or are living the same experience. The network also provides food for thought on specific issues often related to the hybrid status of doctoral students.

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PhD in Environmental Sciences and Management

Presidente : Anne-Claude Romain

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