Organisation of exams

Throughout the same academic year, students have the right to take assessments of the same teaching unit twice. Exams are organised by the Faculty of Sciences during the three following periods :

  • The 1st and 2nd periods constitute together the 1st session (January and May-June)
  • The 3rd period constitutes the 2nd session (August-September).

The exam of each teaching unit is organised only once per session, i.e. in January or in May-June for the first session. In other words, students can't choose the period during which they take an exam : they must take it during the scheduled period (the exam of a course organised during the automn term takes place in January while the exam of a course organised during the spring term takes place in May-June). The dates of the examinations are released in due time. For some teaching units, partial examinations can be organised before the official examination period to reduce the workload.

For each course, the assessment criteria are described in the learning outcomes published on the programmes website (click on the course codes, for example ENVT0010-1). Practical instructions are also given by professors (written report, written or oral exam, in group or individual exam, etc.).

ULiège students must follow the general study and exam regulations as well as the instructions for exams. In addition, they must comply with the rules of the academic life on the Arlon campus : organisation of courses and examinations, use of the library and computer rooms, etc.


Any student who doesn't attend an exam for which he or she is registered is given an absence note (A). In order to have a note of attendance, the student must attend the examination to sign the answer sheet and give it back to the professor/supervisor.

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Registration for the exams

Registration fees for the first and second examination sessions are included in the general registration fee. Students register for the exams via the MyULiège portal. Registrations for the second session are opened right after the first session deliberation (late June or early July) and are closed in mid-July.

Retaking an exam

According to the exam regulations, 10/20 is the pass mark. The credits are validated when you pass an exam with 10/20 minimum and therefore, it's not possible to retake an exam during the second session if you obtained 10/20 or more during the first session.

When a course includes different parts, the overall mark must be 10/20. Otherwise, no credits will be validated even if you passed one part successfully. Contact the professors for further information.

During an academic year, students can take an exam twice. The second time always takes place during the second session. It has to be noted that an absence note is taken into account and doesn't allow students to retake an exam a third time.


If you have failed twice an exam during the academic year, please contact Nathalie SEMAL to know how to continue our program.

Results announcement

After the deliberations, an oral announcement of the results is made on the campus. The results are also published on the MyULiège portal where a transcript of records can be printed. If you need an official transcript of records or a certificate of achievement, contact the Student Administrator (see below).

Class attendance

Attendance to courses, study trips, practical exercises and seminars may be mandatory as part of the pedagogical commitments published on the programmes website for each course (click on the course codes, for example ENVT0010-1). In this case, not attending a class can be penalised in accordance with the procedures. Please inform the professor in case of a long absence.

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