Organization of examinations

According to the academic calendar, the academic year consists of two sessions, each of which is marked by a deliberation:

  • The first session includes the first two examination periods: January and May/June
  • The second session includes the third examination period: August/September.

Each examination is held only once per session, i.e. in January or in May/June for the first session. In other words, a student cannot choose the period in which he/she presents an exam: he/she must present it in the scheduled period (the exam of a course given in the first quadrennium must be presented in the January period). The dates of the exams are specified in due course. To lighten the workload, exemption exams are organized during the year for certain courses.

The evaluation procedures are described in the pedagogical commitments of each course published on the website (click on the course codes, for example ENVT0010-1). Practical instructions are also given by the professors of the concerned subjects (work, open or closed book exam, written or oral, by group or individual...).

Students enrolled at ULiège are subject to the general regulations for studies and examinations and to the instructions for examinations. In addition, the students of the Department of Environmental Sciences and Management must comply with the"Consignes générales pour les examens de l'ULiège" and the "Consignes complémentaires pour la participation aux examens MSGE"* (if applicable) and with the regulations and procedures that govern academic life on the Arlon campus : organization of courses and exams, use of the library and computer rooms...

* for courses common to several Masters, the specific instructions for the MSGE exams apply, in order to treat students of the same course equally

Attendance to courses

Attendance to courses, excursions, practical exercises and seminars can be made compulsory within the framework of the pedagogical commitments of the courses published on the website of the course programs (click on the course codes, e.g. ENVT0010-1). In this case, the absence can be verified and sanctioned as provided. For all courses, it is a good practice to contact the teacher in case of prolonged absence.

Registration for exams

Registration fees for the first and second exam sessions are included in the registration fee. Students register for the exams they wish to take via the myULiege student portal. Registration for the second session is possible after the deliberation (end of June-beginning of July) and is closed mid-July.

Exams to be represented

According to the examination regulations, a mark of 10/20 is required to pass an examination. Credits are validated as soon as a mark of 10/20 is obtained. It is not possible to retake examinations in a second session for which the mark obtained in the first session is equal to or higher than 10/20.

In the case of a course containing several partims or parts, if the overall grade of the course is less than 10/20, no partim will be validated, even if one or more of them are passed individually. Contact the teacher of the course concerned to find out more.

During an academic year, a student may take the exam for a course twice. The second time is always during the second session. Please note that obtaining a mark for absence from an exam does not entitle the student to an additional time.

iconeInfo IF YOU FAIL

If you have taken the exam for a course twice during the academic year and failed, please contact Nathalie SEMAL to find out what steps to take to continue your personal course.

Grades (0-20) & Letters (Absent - Present - Excused - Fraud)

During the deliberation, the following grades or letters will be used and communicated to the Jury:

  • Use of numerical marks (from 0/20 to 20/20) for any evaluation of skills and knowledge;
  • In other cases, use of 4 letters
    • A for Absent (absence from the exam, without having notified the faculty and/or the professor) ;
    • P for Present (commonly called "note of presence", absence from the exam having notified the faculty and/or the professor);
    • E for Excused (absence from the exam, justified by a medical certificate or a certificate of force majeure);
    • F for Fraud (in case of plagiarism or cheating).

In concrete terms, all these grades and letters will be visible during the deliberation and the entire jury will be aware of them.

In the transcript (or report card), only the letter E will appear, the letters A, P and F will be directly replaced by a 0/20.

In the calculation of the students' average, all these letters will be counted as 0/20.

Proclamation of results

The results of the deliberations are announced orally in an auditorium and are then available on the MyULiege website.

Transcript of grades, certificate of achievement, report card

A transcript can be printed from MyULiège. To obtain an official transcript or an attestation of achievement, please contact the Faculty of Science office (see below).

Faculty of Sciences
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Administrative department of the Faculty of Sciences
Quartier Agora
Allée du 6 Août 17b (Bât. B6b)
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