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A computer room with 20 computers is in free access from Monday to Friday, from 8:30 am to 5:30 pm.

The computer room 1 is accessible at the times indicated above, except when a course takes place in it. The computer room 2 is reserved for courses only. Two computers are also available in the library during opening hours.

The computer room 1 is located on the ground floor of the Administration building, near the printer. The terms of use are posted into the room.

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Print, copy and scan

A printer is installed on the ground floor of the Administration building, near the computer room. You can print, copy and scan documents. The printer is particularly useful for printing the study material, course notes and bibliographic references that teachers post on the portal MyULiège.

To have access to the printer, you need access to the ULiège network as well as a printing code and some credit.

Print code

Ask Françoise DASNOY to receive a printing code and make a first credit loading by using your ULiège identifier (s******). The first loading must be 20 € (please bring the exact amount in cash).

You need to enter your print code whenever you print a document from a computer in the computer room. It is important to keep your print code confidential so that no one can use your credit to print. After using the scan or copy functions, make sure to log out before leaving the machine so that the next student can't use your credit. The instructions to log out are posted on the wall behind the printer.

Reload credit

When you no longer have any credit, you can reload credit for a minimum of 5 € according to the same procedure : bring Françoise DASNOY the money in cash and tell her your ULiège identifier (s******). Any unused credit will not be refunded.

Loading the credit may take some time, so be sure to ask for it in due time. If you load the money during the morning, the credit will be available in the afternoon or the next morning. If you load the money during the afternoon, the credit will be available the following day.

Access to your account

Once your print code has been created, your account will appear on the following page : www.intrarlon.ulg.ac.be/imprimante. This page gives you access to different information :

  • The printing status (in progess / printed)
  • The credit available
  • The expiry date of your account

Your account will be deleted when you will be no longer registered as a student and your ULiège identifier will no longer appear in the ULiège directory.


  A4 printing and copy

  A3 printing and copy

  Black and white print / recto


  Black and white print / recto

  0,06 €

  Black and white print / recto-verso

  0,06 €

  Black and white print / recto-verso

  0,12 €

  Color print / recto

  0,21 €

  Color print / recto

  0,42 €

  Color print / recto-verso

  0,42 €

  Color print / recto-verso

  0,84 €



When you select the color printing, the machine prints in color only the pages where it detects one color element. If you need to print a report with many pages but only a few of them in color, be careful not to use unnecessary colors on pages that can be printed in black and white (for example, a blue link or a title with a colored underline). This way, when you select the color printing, you do not pay the color price for these pages.

Copying a blank page costs the usual price of a copy. If you copy a page with content on one side while using the double-sided function, you pay the cost of a double-sided copy. The same rule applies to the printing of blank pages.

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