Health services

Foreign students who need help to find doctors, dentists or other health services can contact the person in charge of international students (Academic services).

Heath care reimbursements

Every student enrolled in a higher education institution in Belgium must have a health insurance policy.

European Union students (outside Belgium) must continue to contribute to the health insurance policy in their home country and ask for the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC), which allows them to benefit from a health insurance in all countries of the European Union. You can ask for the card to your health insurance policy before leaving your home country.

International students (outside European Union) must take out an insurance policy in a belgian company (about 35 euros per trimester). The Academic services can inform you about insurance companies.

Quality of life for students

Physical health and psychological well-being are closely linked to educational success. The Student Quality of Life Department provides students with many resources throughout the year and offers a specific support to students who ask for it.

Education and pregnancy

In case of pregnancy during your study period at the University of Liège, you have to follow a few steps to protect you and your baby. As soon as you are aware of it, please inform the Faculty of Sciences Student Administrator which will transfer the information to the prevention advisor.

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