The majority of the graduates of the Master in Environmental Science and Management found a job corresponding to their training very quickly after the end of their studies.


survey conducted between 2012 and 2014 by the Faculty of Sciences among students who graduated from the Master in Environmental Sciences and Management for 1 year and for 5 years reports that 100% of respondents found a job after their training, 90% of them at the end of their studies or within 2 months. The majority of these jobs are of good quality: permanent, full-time, university-level contracts, directly or indirectly related to the training.

This survey confirms theexcellent employability of the graduates and the great diversity of outlets for the Master in Environmental Sciences and Management. The interdisciplinarity of the curriculum and the versatility of the graduates offer a wide range of employment opportunities. The fields of activity range from the civil service to social action, higher education (university and non-university), research and development, health, agriculture, auditing or consulting, commercial activities, production or maintenance activities. The survey did not reveal any differences between the purposes chosen by the students.

Career development is considered satisfactory by the graduates who responded to the survey:

  • Nearly 90% of the students who worked before completing the Master in Environmental Science and Management say that obtaining the degree had a positive impact on their career, in terms of position held, salary, promotion opportunities or career direction. The remaining 10% report a cross-cutting change in their career.
  • Respondents who entered the job market after obtaining the Master's degree in environmental sciences and management saw their professional position evolve satisfactorily in the following 5 years, both in terms of responsibilities and remuneration.

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